What Shatta Wale Said About VGMA Banned


You won’t always get what you won’t in life. Over confidence is sometimes harmful to the individual and if not controlled can affect society. The attitude Shatta showed during the VGMAs 2019 is something that has been condemned. In fact, it was unethical for him to climb the stage at a point when there wasn’t need of him. This led to the dance hall artiste, Stonebwoy draw a gun. Could his drawing of the gun be justified?

What the public should learn from this incident is that you and I cannot always get what we want. We cannot always be the winner. There is always one winner and not two. What we should strive for is to be counted among the best. I remember some time back in Senior High school, something my business teacher said to the class; he said, boys, compete among yourselves but it should be a healthy competition. A healthy competition is what one must seek. Assuming you’re that person who is always leading without any competitor, do you think you can always be sure of doing what is best?

To all artiste who will be fortunate to be part of the VGMAs in the coming years; you have to know that only one artiste can win one event or one prize. Disabuse from your minds the idea that you must always lead. Sometimes in your life you have learn to follow so as to learn how to lead.

Good name is better than riches they say. Whether Stonbwoy won the prize at the end of the day or Shatta Wale lost it to the former, they destroyed their images by the very act the portrayed. You and I must learn to control our emotions. We must always seek a balance between our emotions and our intelligence.

The banning of Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale from VGMAs indefinitely is an example to artistes who will in the future behave in like manner. It sends a strong signal that such attitudes are prohibited.

What VGMAs has done is very wise. Thumps up to the management team and all stakeholders. It shows how strong you are and your decision to uphold the popular adage of scripture that says “don’t spell the rode and spoil the child”.

Remember that you can’t always get what you want. You won’t always be the best, sometimes someone will take that space and you must be prepared for it.

To Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale, stay calm, do not let the sun set on your anger. Put yourselves together and move forward in your career.

Source:Modern Ghana


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