Abeiku Jackson beats Senegalese swimmer to set new record


Ghana’s Abeiku Jackson set a new record in the Men’s 100 LC metres over the weekend at the Bukom International Pool at the Trust Sports Emporium.

Senegalese top 100-meter swimmer, Animable Steven Killian showered praises on Abeiku who recorded 22.92 seconds to break the existing mark of 23.04 seconds, to become the holder of the new record in the African Zone 2 Men’s 100 LC metres butterfly.

Second-placed the reigning champion, Killian congratulated Abeiku for booking a qualification to the Olympics while he hoped to qualify during the South Africa Swimming Championship in April.

“He is my friend and I’m happy for him at the stage he is right now. He helps me to know where I am right now and I know he is getting stronger in the division and I know he could have done better than his new time.”

“I have one month to train for South Africa and I’m not doubting my capabilities and I have told you that I will be coming for him because I know that with good preparations, I can’t do it,” he expressed.

At the time of filing this report, team Senegal finished the entire championship with 49 medals. Nigeria are second with Ghana taking third place.


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