Management of Coronavirus key in determining winner of US election – Lecturer

The handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States has been identified as the major determinant of who leads in today’s presidential election in the country.

This is the thought of some academic faculty members in some top US universities.

On Monday, a lecturer at the University of Florida, Prof. Kwaku Asare who described the polls as a “pandemic election” indicated that electorates who believe the outbreak of the virus has been well managed are most likely to renew the mandate of the incumbent President, Donald Trump.

He added that, it will not be surprising for voters who think otherwise to exercise their franchise in favour of Democratic leader, Joe Biden.

“This election is a pandemic election and that is the big thing. People are going to cast their ballot and ask themselves a simple question – has this pandemic been managed well. Those who think it is yes will probably vote for Trump. Those who think it is a no will probably vote for Joe Biden”, Prof. Asare predicted.

On the same show, Dr. Jeff Tyus of the Youngston State University, Ohio was also convinced that US’ enhanced response measures towards the pandemic cannot be eliminated from the influencers of the polls.

“The pandemic has probably become the number one of the election because of the handling it”, he said.

Voters in America will go to the polls today, November 3 to decide whether Donald Trump should remain in the White House for another four years.

Donald Trump is being challenged by Democratic Party nominee, Joe Biden who has been in US politics since the 1970s.

Joe Biden has been ahead of Donald Trump in most national polls since the beginning of the year, hovering around 50% in recent months.

Biden’s standing in these polls is however not a guarantee of his victory in the elections, given the US electoral college system which determines the winner of the election based on where votes are won instead of a number of votes.

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